Why politics must change or we will be Trumped again and again.

Let me start by saying I an not a political commentator and certainly no expert in US politics. What I do think I am is a an avid people watcher and shrewd  judge of behavior.

I confess to sitting to the right of center politically but also consider myself a charitable and caring person. I possess strong family values believe people have a responsibility towards themselves and their family and that the state should only intervene in support when they have shown their commitment to helping themselves. Those genuinely in need should get everything they need, those who don’t try to help themselves don’t deserve support from others.

I would like to say I am surprised and shocked by the election of President Trump but frankly I am not.

Why? Simple, the core of voters in the US, like the UK, have tired with the political elite who continue to tell us they know best and ignore the wishes of the people.

Exit polls show that Trump probably won, not because of his popularity, but due to the distrust of Clinton, the symbol of establishment power and political correctness.

Right now I am going to make two  controversial and inflammatory statements which in my opinion actually aren’t, they are statements of fact and the reasons why the world is changing in the way it is.

  • The political left have been allowed to tell the ordinary man and woman in the street what they can or can’t say, do and think for far too long. (i don’t mention extreme right wing as they are generally beyond hope and redemption and don’t even deserve recognition)
  • In the main, politicians are arrogant elitists who are totally out of touch with the views of the public and are in most cases too arrogant to even care.

Lets take sometime closer at home to illustrate what i mean. Our old friend Brexit.

We were offered a referendum, the people voted but politicians and the hard left refuse to accept the will of the people.  We can argue all day the pros and cons of Brexit but that’s not what this is all about, it’s about LISTENING TO THE MAJORITY.

The right wing parties in the UK are increasing in strength daily,  Conservatives rule with a majority and even UKIP who are in internal disarray are still strong and people may ask why?

Read my first “controversial statement”, people don’t specifically want to lurch to the right but see this as the only way of not being dragged to the ever hardening left.

Many have made the comparison between Trump and Hitler, a rather stupid and inappropriate comparison in my view but still a comparison has been offered.

So I say to those who have this sort of opinion, does your attitude represent the mainstream view and in making such a comparison are you actually fueling a lurch towards right wing extremism?

So maybe it is time on both sides to try to understand rather than condemn.

Trump was voted into power primarily by  white, non college educated voters, the traditional makeup up both the US and UK, also the very people often branded as stupid, ignorant and racist by the left.

So stop for a moment, examine your feelings NOW,

  • are you angry with my words,
  • is “because they are stupid, ignorant and racist” echoing around in your head”,
  • have you now branded me as a stupid, racist bigot who has not idea what he is talking about.

Well let me close by saying I UNDERSTAND your point of view on racism, I UNDERSTAND your opinions on helping those in need, I UNDERSTAND views on the pros and cons of immigration and I respect those views even if I don’t necessarily agree with them.

Can you say the same or am I already branded as a bigot?

Until both sides of the table come together and learn the meaning of compromise, accept that their point of view may actually be wrong,  accept that democracy means following the will of the majority even if you don’t like that reality and accept that failing to do so leads to division, then things won’t improve and we will see a steady move towards right wing extremism.

So the time has come, are politicians and activists willing to engage and find a compromise or are we want a world where an un-electable Corbyn style hard left minority aggressively tries to impose their ideals on the middle ground pushing them further and further to the right?

Brexit and Trump are just a start, The hard right are gaining momentum in France, Germany, Holland, Italy and many other smaller  countries.  Immigration, jobs, education, tax, benefits and health are all mainstream concerns of the majority.

Unless we start to recognize this and put the needs of the “average person on the street” ahead of political ideals then we are heading into a really black future.









Brexit – From Exclusive to Inclusive, a vision of a better world

So the Brexit vote is over, world war three didn’t happen but the UK economy took a beating.

The UK has rejected membership of “Club EU” seen by many to be some sort of perverse manifestation of an elite group of Freemasons dedicated to ensuring that only they get their fair share of sweeties from the children’s party.

Where do we go from here?

Well for what it is worth here is my vision of the future and how we can learn to work together for mutual benefit rather than exclusive interests.

Firstly I hope to see politicians across the spectrum, both in UK and Europe to act like the adults that they are an engage in constructive dialogue rather than destructive rhetoric.

The UK is not alone in voicing concerns over the EU management.  Already, not 48 hours after the vote  Germany is voicing fears that France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Hungary may follow the UK.

Germany, USA and Canada have announced their desire to set up new trade deals quickly and the German finance ministry have recommended making the UK an “associated partner country” for the remaining 27 nations.

Perhaps it is being recognised that there is a need for change and that flexibility is the only way that the EU will not break.

So my hope is that we can press the “reset” button rather than the “Reject” button, take back out borders, take back our sovereignty and re-establish the EU as a trading partner in “common market” where we trade with each other for out mutual benefit while respecting our own cultures and values.

To control our borders, not close the shutters but to re-establish all that it was to be British; to provide safe haven to those who are genuinely in need, to provide opportunities for those wishing to come to the UK to become part of out culture and economy but to have the right to say “No” to those who can not show us they can contribute something positive to the country or even seek to cause us harm

A country which can show the same welcome to people from South America, Asia, Africa for example and offer them the same opportunities as those seen as a right by any European. Only be treating everyone the same can we really say we are inclusive and not exclusive.

Let us continue to buy our German cars, French Wine or Italian Olives to support their economies but we must also offer the same non discriminatory deal to those selling Argentinian Wine,  African Coffee Beans or Korean cars. That way we are inclusive not exclusive.

But we must remain mindful that our own residents must not be disadvantaged unfairly. We can only be strong and support others if we are ourselves strong.

We must be able to intervene and support our own industries without being told we are being unfair.  Subsidise our steel industry because we will need it one day.  Build our tanks in UK made from British Steel, not in Spain from Swedish Steel due to some perverse EU tendering regulation because we need to support our own industries, create our own jobs, reduce reliance on benefits, create wealth to build new schools and hospitals and then staff them with yet more professionals drawn for both the existing UK work market and people from around the world who can come here, be part of our prosperity and contribute to help build a better future for all.

Lastly we need to look at political accountability. Politicians seem to have the ability to get rich at the expense of the working people, ignore what they were elected to do and tell us what is best for us.

What tempers that? They have to show some restraint as they know that every 5 years the public will vote and they may lose their place at the fat cat table. If has some effect but as we have seen over the last few decades it has done little more than tinker at the edges of restraint.

My greatest fear is the power of the un-elected body that is the European commission, 10,000+  faceless bureaucrats earning more than a UK prime minster telling us what we can and can’t do without being accountable in any way to the UK people. Unfettered power that could be used to strip away the last remnants of democratic accountability leading to a dictatorship greater than ever seen in a supposedly democratic continent.

So lets stop fighting among ourselves, sit down around the table, bury out differences, start constructive dialogue, work out how we can restore democracy, increase social inclusion, extend our hand in friendship around the world inviting others to be part of a dream were we put mutual benefit before petty rules created by faceless bureaucrats in furtherance of their own power and status.

Let us say to the world “we are here for you” but in a manner where we also say but only if you are here for us.

A world were those who are genuinely in need though poverty,  disability, persecution or discrimination can be welcomed and given the help and support they genuinely need but those who choose not to live up to their social responsibility, abide by our laws or refuse to make a contribution to society are held to account and suffer consequences.

Maybe i am being quixotic, maybe not but we all have a right to dream, My dream is to be free of the EU shackles and become and inclusive socially responsible society which rewards  hard work, entrepreneurial spirit , incentivizes wealth creation, rewards hard work and dedication but rejects the concept of a free ride.

So that’s it, I have got it off my chest. I am not a professional blogger, newspaper editor or politician, just an ordinary man from a small village in Northumberland who feels he has a right to dream that the world can be a better place post Brexit.

Wishing everyone who reads this a future which makes the world a better place.


A day out but no fun

Sitting at hospital where my Mum is in for kidney functions test. Instructions were simple enough, come for 10am, they will take blood then results and consultant around 11.30. Yes, you guessed, total cock up. It’s now 1pm, no results ready, idiot in lab put blood in the wrong machine. No wonder the NHS gets a bad name.